Saturday, September 1, 2012

Celeste and Jesse Forever

Boring poster, right?  
Plot: Celeste (Rashida Jones) and Jesse (Adam Samberg) live in LA have been married for six years, but they just got separated. They obviously still love each other, and want to get back together, but they insist they want to be just-friends. As time passes, they start dating other people, which brings their relationship into focus. imdb link]    [photos]

Review: This is "light drama" -- not a "romantic comedy." Specifically, it a "relationship-oriented drama" -- a "chic-flic," but I liked it, so I'm calling it a "relationship-oriented drama!"  Even though it has Andy Samberg, it is not ha ha funny.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is really all about Celeste, how she lives through her divorce, and learns about herself. Samberg's Jesse is a well-acted supporting character, and Samberg underacts.

Happily, writer/producer and star Rashida Jones is up to the role, and she is likable and sympathetic. There is a little sit-com humor, but mainly it is Celeste getting over her perfectionism, and becoming a better adjusted adult.

I enjoyed this film. It is not superlative because only Rashida gives a knock-out performance. It is a good co-star short of being a top movie of the year. I liked it because it gives a window into what it is like to be someone else. 

The end -- ahh the end. I liked the end. Not everyone will.

Cast: Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg

Directed by: Lee Toland Kreiger;

Written by: Rashida Jones

Rating: 3.0 stars, I am tempted to give higher. This makes it comparable to Woody Allen's To Rome with Love, and not as good as my 2011 favorite Young Adult -- also a "relationship-oriented drama."
More: Rashida Jones is the daughter of music producer Quincy Jones and Mod Squad actress Peggy Lipton.