Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Glass Castle

Plot: Jeannette (Brie Larson/Chandler Head/Ella Anderson) had a dynamic, larger-than-life and alcoholic Dad, Rex (Woody Harrelson). He and her Mom (Naomi Watts) lived an alternate lifestyle, moving to stay ahead of bill collectors, and trying to live in the moment. Rex was by turns caring and neglectful with imaginative play and often not enough food to eat. As the kids grew, they hated their Dad, and they all ran away.  Jeannette became a writer in NYC, but reconsidered everything when her Dad became ill.  [imdb]    [photos]

Review: The best part is thinking about how Rex is like people in my own life -- chiefly my departed father-in-law Bob. I can relate to how son-in-law David (Max Greenfield) going though hell at family gatherings.  I also liked the heartwarming child-rearing parts of the movie, and the humorous car trips.

There were parts I didn't like. It was needlessly slow paced, and the story-telling was oral, not visual: sometimes I closed my eyes to listen only. Rex was not a likable person, and it was grating to spend so much time with him.

I liked the performances especially Woody Harrelson, but also the school-girl aged Jeanette, Chandler Head, as well as the adult Jeanette Brie Larson. Woody is plausible supporting actor nomination. 

Cast: Woody Anderson, Brie Larson, Chandler Head, Ella Anderson, Naomi Watts

Directed by:
Destin Daniel Cretton

Based on the book by:
Jeannette Walls

The Visuals:
Not very imaginative. As mention, you can follow the action just fine with your eyes closed. 

2.5 stars: Glass Castle was not that much fun. Great performance by Woody Harrelson. A good story. 


More: Stay for the credits they showed the real family.

Even More: I liked the arm wrestling scene. I could easily see that happening.

Yet More: I really wanted to see Rex build the Glass Castle. I'm disappointed I didn't get to see it. It would have been cool.