Saturday, July 5, 2014


Plot: A geoengineering project to fix global warming went wrong, and the earth has gone frozen. Everything and everyone is dead, except Willis (Ed Harris) and his supertrain that is circling around frozen, snowy Eurasia. On the train, there is a strict class hierarchy, with the poor people in back living in squalor and the rich people in the front of the train. Curtis (Chris Evans) is a poor person and he starts a revolution. He gathers some big guys, and they begin a battle to the front one car at a time.  [imdb]    [photos]

Review:  The best part is the allegory because the train is the earth, and the class structure of the train is just like the earth. Most of the movie is dreary and bloody, later in the movie we see the wonderful quarters at the front of the train and we get a full dose of irony and allegory

Aside from Curtis the characters are thinly written, and that is what make Snowpiecer only OK. 

Visually there are some great scenes, for example the roomful of thugs with axes that the rich people send to put down revolution, and another is the mobile aquarium. A highlight is the disco, where young partygoers dance, drink and get high oblivious to the suffering poor, the revolution or the dead, frozen earth passing by outside. 

Despite the thin character development, I recommend it. 

Cast: Chris Evans, Ed Harris, Kang-ho Song

Directed by:  Joon-ho Bong

Rating: 3.0 stars:.

More: No one ever explains why they can't stop the train.

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