Saturday, May 30, 2015

San Andreas

Plot: .The big one hits California, and rescue pilot Ray (Dwayne Johnson) struggles to save his wife Emma (Carla Gugino) and chesty daughter Blake (Alexandra Daddario). Meantime grizzly-bearded scientist Lawrence (Paul Giamatti) and reporter Serena (Archie Panjabi) serve-up the facts. [imdb]    [photos]

Review: It's disaster after disaster for 114 minutes as Dwayne Johnson struggles to save his relatives (and mostly ignoring other people's relatives.) during massive earthquakes, a dam disasters and a tsunami. It's fast paced action, with the disaster episodes almost independent of each other, like a road movie. 

I saw it on an extra big screen with a fancy room-shaking sound system, and it was pretty fun. 

Dwayne Johnson does a great job at this kind of adventure: he has the right amount of over-emoting, and tough-guy macho-ness. 

Cast: Dwayne Johnson (an ideal role for him), Carla Gugino (fine), Archie Panjabi (our favorite from The Good Wife), 

Directed by: Brad Peyton in his first big budget movie

The Music: Loud orchestral music - dramatic; but not good enough to  download

The Visuals: Top notch visuals. Nobody can knock down CGI buildings like these guys. 

Rating: 2.75 stars: Pretty fun, great visuals. 

More: Someday there will be a real earthquake. . . 

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