Sunday, January 29, 2017

Top Depth of Processing Movies of All Time


Doctor Strange

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Inside Out

Gone Girl

Saving Mr Banks
American Hustle
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Side Effects

Lincoln  Lincoln was the most and enjoyable and most substantive movie of the year. Daniel Day Lewis was great, and the story of the Civil War and slavery in America gives Lincoln heft. Yes I want to see it again.

End of Watch  End of Watch is proof that a movie that comes out too early in the season has no hope of an Oscar. This is a gritty crime story about the personal sacrifices of the police.

Cloud Atlas     One of my favorite movies of the year. It was a very creative and massive work that I loved, and want to see again and again. I wish I could get motivated to read the book.
Top Movies 2002-2009

The Hurt Locker - Gripping, nail-bitting, suspenseful movie about defusing bombs in Iraq
Avatar - A great time at the movies with an epic sweep.
Wall*E - Wonderful, heart-warming, clever, fun-to-watch
Borat - Clever, very funny, memorable, and socially aware
Sideways - great dialog, great characters
Passion of the Christ - a religious experience; unlike any other movie
Bruce Almighty - Very funny, clever, with a serious message
Spiderman 3 - Top action adventure film; fun, and with something to say.
Munich - Gripping serious drama about revenge for the Olympic hostage taking
Dreamgirls - It's about the lives of the singers, the dream of being famous, and lots of songs
Revenge of the Sith - Capstone to a cinematic adventure that I've grown up with.