Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wonder Woman

Plot: The movie is told in flashback from 2017 using the device of an old photo. Diana (Gal Godot) grows up on an island of Amazon warrior women, and learns to fight.  During World War 1, Spy Steve Taylor (Chris Pine) crashes his plane nearby, and Diana swims out to rescue him. Soon the German navy tracks him to the island, and the Amazons battle the German marines on the beach with guns against bows & arrows. Diana kills a lot of Germans hinting of her supernatural origin and abilities. She sails to London with Spy Steve trying to find the god Ares, who is responsible for WWI.  She wants to kill Ares so the war will end. Diana has never seen a man or a bridge or a car and in the middle of the movie creating some humor, but also giving creating feminist satire. Steve hooks up with his friends and heads to Germany so that Diana can kill a German general. Diana, Steve and the sidekicks battle there way across the trenches at the front lines, and into the German camp. Diana meets the General at big party, and then follows him to the camp where they are preparing a poison gas attack. The final battles are one-on-one with Diana and the bad guy, while the side kicks are separated.  [imdb]    [photos] 

Review: The best part is the acting from Gal Godot and Chris Pine; both are excellent. The movie creates a world that these people populate and motivate them.

The film is more cartoony and more juvenile than recent superhero movies. I liked the sincerity of it, and I like the clear good vs evil. Bloodless violence is also OK with me. I was fine with the James Bond style 5 against 1 fist fights -- those were great.  I don't know what a magic lariat should look like, but it was pretty cartoony. The gun battle scenes -- same way.

I am glad I saw it. I'd like to see more of the character. I should have bought a beer before I saw it. It is just summer popcorn entertainment. Not anything more. 

Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine

Directed by:
Patty Jenkins

The Music:
.OK. Closing credits were too drum heavy. 

The Visuals:
.There were a few good shots of Diana as powerful and ascendant. The other visuals were only OK. 

4.0 stars: .

More: They never called her Wonder Woman in the whole film.

Even More: There will be no deleted scenes on the DVD because literally all the scenes director Jenkins shot made it into the film. link