Saturday, July 20, 2013


Plot: Frank (Bruce Willis) and Marvin (John Malkovich) get involved with a plot to detonate a bomb in Moscow. Frank's civilian girl friend Sarah (Mary Louise Parker) come along, and is jealous of Russian spy Katja (Catherine Zeta-Jones). We meet former English spy Victoria on the way to rescue crazy, genius scientist Bailey (Anthony Hopkins) who is locked up in London by MI-6. [imdb]    [photos]

Review: RED 2 is a spy comedy where the ridiculousness of senior citizen tough-guy spies combine with spoofs of the CIA, MI-6 and Russian bad guys for a light and funny movie -- with a high body count. It's not a spy movie or an action movie; so don't come expecting that. 

For example, one of the big gags is Victoria (Helen Mirren) cooling killing men, always men, by the roomful. 

My highlight is Anthony Hopkin's Bailey acting like he is having psychotic delusions of a roomful of people -- very funny. 

Good soundtrack. Solid special effects, but I am hard to impress since I saw Pacific Rim last week. 

Cast: Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins Bryng-hun Lee, Catherine Zeta-Jones

Directed by: Dean Parisot, who has generally directed TV in the past. 

Rating: 3.0 stars; one of the better comedies 
Cover of Red 3 Comic
More: The title RED2 is not very imaginative. It is based on a three part comic book series from 2003-4.