Saturday, April 8, 2017


Plot: Five year old Saroo (Sunny Pawar) gets lost at a train station, and ends up on the other side of India. He is eventually adopted by Sue (Nichole Kidman) & her husband, an Australian couple. Saroo  (Dev Patel) grows up, meets girlfriend Lucy (Rooney Mara), and attempts to find his mother with clues that he remembers from childhood.   [imdb]    [photos]

Review: A competent movie told visually; very slow at times. It has a satisfying ending that makes the dreary middle worthwhile.

Lion is not about street children in India, but it does elevate that issue. It is about adult Saroo trying to learn his personal story and to relieve his mother of worry.

The acting is competent including by Dev and Nichole. I wasn't swept away. The dialog is so-so, but as mentioned the story is not dialog driven.

The strength of this movie is the story, and sympathetic images of young Saroo wondering the streets. The story of adult Saroo is less moving. The sub-plot with brother Mantosh must have been more interesting in the book, because it was distracting and unpleasant here. It felt like filler material.

I went to the theater with high expectations because of the glowing reviews and Oscar buzz. I was pretty disappointed. I did not find a gripping social message elevate this otherwise mediocre film.  

Cast: Dev Patel, Nichol Kidman, Sunny Pawar, Abhishek Bharate, Rooney Mara

Directed by:
Garth Davis

Based on the book by:
Saroo Brierley;  A Long Way Home (A notably better title than "Lion")

The Music:

The Visuals:
Not so great. Lots of shots of landforms and alleyways. There was a tender moment  with Dev Patel playing with Rooney Mara's hand. 

2.0 stars: A two star film. Pretty overhyped in the media. 

More: Lion should get an award for the LEAST descriptive film title.

Even More: Dev Patel should trim his beard or maybe shave.

Yet More: This was a great deal at the dollar cinema in Allen Park.