Saturday, March 4, 2017


Plot: Logan (Hugh Jackman) is holed up in Mexico where he is taking care of a very old and ill Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Logan, who is also the X-Man Wolverine, is hiding out and making money by driving a limo for Uber. Nurse Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez) seeks out Logan to help 8-year old Laura (Dafne Keen) get to safety in Canada. Logan tries to blow her off, but when bad guys attempt to kill her, he agrees to help. Laura, Logan and Prof X hit the road, being chased by bad guys from an evil biotech company and their private militia.  [imdb]    [photos]

Review: The best parts are the talking scenes with Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman and young Dafne Keen. Early in the movie the fighting scenes set up more interpersonal drama and raise the stakes. Later in the movie the bad guys arrive by the truckful and the corpse count becomes distractingly high, and this is especially true here since Wolverine kills people by slashing them with knives often in the head.

The themes are pretty dark, getting old, incompetent and ready-to-die and a child who never had a childhood being chased by cold-blooded killers. The final theme is better; it is the father-daughter relationship that develops as Logan finally begins to identify with Laura.

A highlight is the fight scene between Logan and his clone. That was clever, but it went on too long.

Logan is not fun to watch in the beginning because of the dark themes and it is not fun to watch at the end because of the endless killing. The highlights are in the middle.

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Dafne Keen

Directed by:
James Mangold

Written by:
James Mangold, Scott Frank

The Visuals:
Some good special effects

2.0 stars: Some well acted scenes minus half a star for the endless stabbing

More: Jenny, my wife, really hated it.

Spoiler: One highlight was the children fighting the bad guys at the end. I would have like more of that and a lot less stabbing.