Saturday, April 9, 2016


Plot: Judy Hopps wants to become the first rabbit cop in Zootopia, but isn't given an opportunity to prove herself. Soon she stumbles on a scandal, and with the help of a fox named Nick, she catches the baddies. At same time she acts out a 21st century allegory about ability and discrimination. [imdb]    [photos]

Review: Zootopia has some good moments and an positive message while not being too preachy. The detective drama is only ok, but the visual humor is always there. I loved watching the tall giraffes. I liked the concert at the end with dancing tigers. The best parts show a happy community with many animals living peacefully together.

The scene at the DMV is a classic -- too bad they spoiled it in the trailer.

Perhaps an anti-discrimination message is never out of date, and this one has a twist. On the other hand, Zootopia doesn't have the fun of Cars or Frozen. 

Directed by:
Byron Howard, Rich Moore, Jared Bush

Written by: 9 people. How long does it take 9 people to write a movie?

The Music:
Just average, but I liked the Shakira song at the end. Made me want to play Shakira when I got home. 

The Visuals:
Top quality animation, but no dramatic visual scenes. 

2.0 stars: It was OK.


Bizarre Spoiler Alert: The Chinese People's Liberations Army Daily called Zootopia propaganda: they say wolves eat sheep -- it is a corruption to have sheep menacing wolves. More here.